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Book gifThis web page contains memorabilia: photographs, writings, news & events past - a history of the  Essex County Beekeepers Society.  Members and friends alike are urged to find and propose additions to this web page.  We especially would like old photos where people, dates & events have been identified. Send an e-mail to the web editor at  and include your suggestions, file attachments (documents & pictures) or to request a current US Mail address where you can send your paper copies.  Paper pictures & documents can be scanned and will be returned to you (don't forget to include your name and return address).  In addition, this page is also an archive for material which because of clutter, age, or diminished usefulness, had to be moved out of the main pages of this web site.

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Short Story: My First Year as a Beekeeper.

Joe Leligho and Nia Gill Beekeeping Course 2009

Spring 2009 Short Beekeepers Course ATTENDEES
Roegner Vivien, Towaco,
Tapper Betsy, Caldwell,
Tapper Daniel, Caldwell,
Leo Pamela, Montclair,
Fried Karen, Montclair,
Nelson Cody, Boonton,
Esposito Mike , Roseland,
Torsney Janet, Montclair,
Burd Jeffrey, Ewing,
Leighton Carol, Califon,
Bessman Tony, Doylestown (PA),
Appuzzio John, Essex Fells,
Cabelly Jonathan, Boonton,
Conte Annemarie, S. Orange,
Mengle David, Montclair,

Pier Guidi Building Honey Supers 2009

Idiot's Delight
A Short Tale

Ross Conrad

Landi Simone reports on May 27, 2009: "After almost two weeks of baiting and rebaiting the culvert trap, we finally caught this 315-pound bear that came back to the farm at least half a dozen times, destroyed the single home hive (which was banking a dozen mated queens), wrecked stacks of empty comb and supers up by the house, and growled at my kids. We baited the trapwith frames of honey."

ECBS Picnic 2009