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New Jersey Swarm Report: Help Supply Real-World Swarm Data


The Northwest New Jersey Beekeepers Association is asking New Jersey Beekeepers to contribute to a statewide data capture of swarm reports.  All one has to do is spend two minutes at a website to tell where, when, and two facts about the swarm.


URL to Report a SWARM: 


Why do this?

Year after year data will be a valuable tool for beekeepers in swarm prevention practices.



The information will be aggregated and shared back to the NJBA and the state apiarist.  You can also follow along as the data will be updated routinely to watch the swarming patterns in the state emerge.  There will be a REPORT page with information summary and a map plot of reports via the NWNJBA website: 


For more information or questions about this initiative visit the NWJBA website or send an e-mail to


Kevin Inglin, Branch Webmaster and Branch First Vice President

Northwest New Jersey Beekeepers Association



Science Hobbyists Needed for a National Study


Are you a science hobbyist?

We need your help with a new National Science Foundation sponsored research study that will investigate the characteristics and educational experiences of people who are active in science hobbies. More and more people are engaging in science hobbies; schools and science centers would like to know more about the characteristics of science hobbyists and how these organizations might better support hobbyists’ networking and education.

What will happen if you take part in the study?

The information gained from this research can help science educators and researchers understand how to better teach science in schools and museums, and how to design better community-based science programs. Participation in this study is voluntary. Information you provide will be anonymous. If you complete the survey, you may elect to enter a drawing for a $100 Target gift card. 

Survey Link:

Dr. Gail Jones
North Carolina State University



NJBA Winter Meeting & Election of Officers

February 23rd, 2013

Nottingham Fire Company Ballroom

200 Mercer Street
Hamilton NJ 08690


Click here for the agenda, directions, and registration!


If you're a new beekeeeper or have never been to a State Meeting, you're in for a real treat! State meetings bring together the richness of local beekeeping with great speakers, timely subjects, a chance to make new friends and, of course, a wonderful menu. The meeting will also announce the results of the Annual State Honey Show and the election of new officers



CBS New YorkLocal colony nearly wiped out by pesticides
A short video from CBS about
accidental extermination at Short Hills arboretum

State of New Jersey Department of Agriculture title graphicNJ Department of Agricuture encourages buying local honey,
urban beekeeping
Member Joe Lelinho and state apiarist Tim Schuler partner
with Hyatt Jersey City.

http://www.nj.comJoe Lelinho featured in
Keeping bees on the roof of the Hyatt Regency hotel
in Jersey City.

http://www.nj.comMild winter has proven fatal for countless NJ honeybees.
Members Joe Lelinho, Maria Concilio, PJ Martin quoted on
impact of mild winter.


The Progress Newspaper logo Tim Schuler is interviewed at latest Rutgers beekeeping course
A short video by "the Newark Star Ledger Newspaper
( On-Line Edition"

The Progress Newspaper logo West Essex's Beeman Joe Lelinho:
Beekeeper Joe Lelinho and the Fascinating World of Honey Bees

A slide/video by "The Progress" Newspaper, May 26, 2009.

bear attacks bees Bear attacks ECBS's Landi Simone's bee yards...
and bear finally gets caught!

Click here for more pictures and info.

Joe Lelinho catches honeybee swarm at Essex Fells Police Station - again! "Essex Fells Police Report"
Joe Lelinho catches swarms:   
3 times...
same place...
two years in a row!
Click here to learn more.

White House

Inspires Beekeepers Across the U.S.
Obama family joins the growing ranks of Americans engaged in the backyard beekeeping movement. US News Report

ECBS's Spring 2009 Short Beginners Bee Course a Success.

15 Attendees!
Esposito Mike , Roseland,
Torsney Janet, Montclair,
Burd Jeffrey, Ewing,
Leighton Carol, Califon,
Bessman Tony, Doylestown (PA),
Appuzzio John, Essex Fells,
Cabelly Jonathan, Boonton,
Conte Annemarie, S. Orange,
Mengle David, Montclair,
Roegner Vivien, Towaco,
Tapper Betsy, Caldwell,
Tapper Daniel, Caldwell,
Leo Pamela, Montclair,
Fried Karen, Montclair,
Nelson Cody, Boonton,

LANDI SIMONE on "Talk Internet pod-cast" March 10, 2009

Beekeeper Landi Simone (Essex County Beekeepers Society) and new beekeeper Annemarie Conte chatted on an episode of “In The Kitchen” on radioWD, March 10, 2009, at 12:00 noon.  RadioWD is Woman’s Day presence in Blog Talk Radio, a social radio network on the internet that allows users to connect directly with their audience.  Using a telephone and a computer, hosts create free, live, call-in talk shows.  Click here to hear the recorded broadcast (MP3 audio).

NJ State Senator NIA H. GILL Meets With JOE LELINHO
Discusses Plight of New Jersey State Insect on TV.

Nia Gill- Joe Lelignho Nia Gill- Joe Lelignho

NJ State Senator Nia H. Gill met with our very own ECBS 2009 president, Joe Lelinho, for a video-taped interview on January 21, 2009 at the TV studio in Montclair. This one-on-one, hour long interview covered the plight of the honeybee, beekeeping, and the various products of the hive. In the interview, Senator Gill expressed great concern for our state insect the honeybee. The program airs the week of Jan 26th in Montclair and the surrounding areas.

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