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Anyone can become a member of the Essex County Beekeepers Society, whether they keep bees or not.  All that is needed is a keen interest in bee culture, the environment and a desire to learn and participate in the activities of the organization, both local and state-wide.  Members pay yearly dues to be on both local and state mailing lists - and to be invited to participate in social, educational and business gatherings.  Prospective members should print, complete and U.S. mail the membership form displayed by clicking on this link.  Or, you can register online at

The Essex County Beekeepers Society, Inc. models its organization after other branches of the New Jersey Beekeepers Association.

2017 Officers

President   Joe Treimel*
Treasurer   Patti Campbell
Vice-President   Derek Stordahl
Secretary   Charlie Sporn
Immediate Past President   Michael Frey*
    * Denotes past president

2017 Committee Chairs

Purchasing   Ron Jacobs
Fermentation   Albert Tomaro
Communications   Graeme Morrison

2017 Board Emeritus

Migratory Beekeeper   Grant Stiles* (Past President 2005-2006)
Short Course Educator   Landi Simone* (Past Presidenty 2007-2008)
MAAREC Rep (NJ)   Joe Lelinho* (Past President 2009-2010)
In Memory   Marian Chandler
    * Denotes past president