Welcome New Beekeepers!

October meeting

Our October meeting is outdoors on October 1 at 10:00 am -- rain or shine -- bring a veil.

Location is Bjorn Lass Kennels in Pine Brook.  Our guest speaker will be New Jersey State Apiarist Tim Schuler.  Tim will be demonstrating Alcohol Washing to test for Varroa Mites and also taking some other samples.  He will answer questions about Varroa Mite treatment and other questions of interest.

To get to the kennels, use the directions here.

Since we plan on many participants and because Saturday is a busy business day for the kennels, please do not park in the kennels's parking lot, but instead in the field just below the road.  We will have signs posted to direct you to the parking area.  Please be prompt. 

Club Extractor

In addition to bulk purchases of supplies like miticides, beetle traps, etc., the club has recently acquired an extractor and other equipment for member use on a first come, first served basis (and with a signature on our loan agreement.)

Talk to Ron Jacobs at a meeting if you have an idea for supplies that our members can share.

It's All About Timing!

Click here for Landi Simone's presentation on the timing necessary for successful beekeeping. Great Info!

Keeping Bees in Mediums

Due to popular demand, we're making Landi Simone's presentation on how to use only mediums in your operation available here.


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The page is a moderated, private group available only to members.

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Who We Are

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The Essex County Beekeepers Society, Inc. is an independent branch of the New Jersey Beekeepers Association.  It is a regional organization of anywhere from 30 to 50 bee hobbyist, sideliners (fewer than 300 hives) and commercial beekeepers & honey producers. Our members generally reside in and around Essex county - although membership is not limited to this region of the state.

Dues in the Association for the calendar year 2016 were payable as of January 1, 2016. To be a member in good standing and participate in the honey show, listings on the swarm and product pages, receive the state newsletter, emails from the Association and vote in our elections and other matters at general membership meetings, we need your dues to be current. If you have already paid your dues for 2016, thank you.


What We Do

The purpose of our Society is to (1) foster and promote the art of apiculture in New Jersey, (2) to educate residents of the Garden State about the state insect, the honey bee, and its vital role in agriculture, (3) to produce bees and honey and related products, and (4) to simply share and enjoy our fabulous and fun-filled pursuit of raising and caring for honey bees.

Our members, beekeepers and non-beekeepers alike, work, cooperate and support each other in promoting beekeeping and related activities. Our members mentor new beekeepers, hold periodic social and business meetings to share experiences and ideas, and provide educational opportunities for schools and the public at large.


  Silence of the Bees